Lords of Chance:D&D 5th( Sword Coast)

game session log: Mudslide!!

Date: Tarsakh( winter) the 19th DR 489. Things got downright dirty for Kor & Co. when they decided to clear the rest of Laguritz’ dungeon. Using looted rope, block, tackle,and grit, the group used the slick cistern shaft to descend into the dungeons depths. Going down first was Jacs and his new-found familiar snags( fairy dragon supreme); Jacs quickly scouted the cistern pit area and stairway leading to the construct lab, formerly occupied by the slain beholder-spectator Lagurot. Argen was next to tackle the difficult descent, without luck, falling down the s-shaped drop, landing with a crash into the rat strewn muck below.Not to be outdone, Vindaal, Varis, and even Kor, took some measure of scrapes, and bruises, climb-sliding down the obstacle; fortunately the construct lab was vacant, no guardians heard their noisy exertions.
with the party inside the dungeons construct laboratory, little Snags found the treasure vaults key( where he had seen Lagurot hide it), hidden inside one of the many garish tapestries along the laboratory walls( nine tapestries total, depicting the stylized exploits of Laguritz himself!). Searching for traps, but finding none, Jacs opened the vault to find shelves of maps, scrolls, and a pedestal holding the sought after Tome of construct construction. Fearing an unseen trap, Kor asked Jacs if he wanted him to cast mage-hand and get the tome out of the vault, Jacs agreed and Kor used the spell( placing it in his bag of holding for safe keeping!); this worked and did trigger a mechanical blade trap,which was avoided, unfortunately removing the tome from the vault triggered a powerful enchantment placed upon the dungeon area itself by Laguritz! In the dungeons other areas, magic released the penned up Basilisks, and alerted the Duergar smiths( already in wait for an expected attack), the second the laboratory was entered without calling out the password( Laguritz lives!).
The triggered spells effect was soon discerned by the party as the chambers ceiling began to turn to a watery mud, dropping stones and pushing water through the cistern passage. Jacs wasted no time and began to loot the vault of its maps, scrolls, and few small sacks of treasure. At the laboratories exit to the underdark entrance way, the Duergar guardians rushed to stop the group, the first two met with an explosive blast as Kor cast a fireball into their path. Another quickly found an arrow in his throat, courtesy of a quick acting Varis.
As the laboratory chamber began to fill with mud and water , Jacs and Snags continued to grab as much loot as possible(using Jacs’ bag of holding). Kor began to play his bardic citern under the muddy spray, hoping to help Argen meet the charge of an enlarged Duergar, it worked( with some help via arrows and bolts from Vindaal and Varis); Argen cut the dark dwarf down despite its enchanted size and anger. Outside the chamber, more Duergar guardians tried to stop the thieves and tried to avoid the now released basilisks. The transforming chamber now was coming down in chunks, pushing the group forward. Note: at this point I busted-out some Kahlua “Mudslide” mixed drinks for thematic effect! 2015-02-26_07.49.42.jpg
Soon, another Duergar fell as Kor his face with a scorching fire spell, blasting the smiths nose clean-off( to be seen later in the muddy aftermath!). One Deurgar managed to escape the basilisks and party, flee-sliding down the naturally staired passage downward, leaving Argen to face the angry beasts. Using two longswords( including Bryn-Zhar, the flame-tongue +1 weapon), Argen cut great gashes into the passage blocking basilisk. It returned by using its gaze to petrify Argen, and bite into his leg. Its efforts were short lived as Vindaal, Varis, and Kor fought it off. Argen was able to shake off the petrifying effects in time to deliver a killing blow to the beast. The building mudslide then pushed the group down the chambers only exit, down into the underdark below. Above the mud sloshing group, the cistern, laboratory and forge chambers all collapsed into muddy ruin; not the most subtle defense,but one by which Laguritz intended to stop successful thieves from escaping with information as to the whereabouts of his other loot-rich vaults!
With a muddy plop, the group found itself in the half flooded cavern below the dungeon proper; pale toads, rats, bats, and even blood sucking stirges, were sent into a frenzy as the group pulled itself up. As the muddy water flowed downward, Vidal found signs of the escaped Duergar to an upward cavern passage to the north. figuring the dark dwarf would know a way out, the group climbed upward into a smaller cavern with a high open shelf above, possibly leading to a passage out. The group found a shallow pool to clean off some of the mud, as Jacs looked upward towards the high cavern shelf 40’ above. Using his magic rope to find a rock or something to grab, Jacs began to climb up. Jacs got a big surprise when he found his rope had secured itself to the waiting claw of a massive beast, who now looked down upon the group from atop the cavern shelf. A great, blue scaled, Behir bellowed to the group below, swinging Jacs by his own rope. The beast threatened the party claiming to be Baghilar, “lord of the underdark”( actually the dragon-like beast was not yet an adult, but still quite deadly!). Kor quickly tried to buy some time trying to flatter the beast with a praising song, it fell flat as Baghilar’s appetite got the better of him( the Duergar that fled into his cavern, fleeing the mudslide fight, was a good snack, but not nearly enough for the belly of such a beast!).
The fight with Baghilar the boyish Behir, began quickly as Jacs shot an arrow into its long blue neck. Varis sent an arrow into its scales as well. Vindaal quickly said a prayer of blessing as Kor blasted the beast with an orb of energy. enraged the beast blasted Jacs with a blast of lightning breath, which Jacs was able to avoid the bulk of. Climbing down to bite and rend these fools, the beast met a determined Argen who parried away its first attack; the beast never got a second! After a healing boost from a quick acting Vindaal, Argen slashed deeply into one of the beasts legs, its chest, and finally( after an intense surge of action), its head, tearing it clean-off in a blue-flamed fury! Wasting no time, a slightly singed Jacs and snags, searched the shelf-lair above, finding no exit upwards, but a chest full of mithril, Duergar minted coins, a crude but magical axe of troglodyte make, a set of mithril underdark creature statuettes, and a bag of onyx gemstones. While the beast’s horde was looted, Argen (with help from Varis and Vindaal),cut trophies off the slain beast( scales, claws, and teeth, and its huge head!).2015-02-26_07.52.06.jpg
After the battle with Baghilar, the group took a much needed rest to clean-up and heal. Showing worry, and a little claustrophobia, Jacs sent an invisable Snags into the unexplored chamber leading further downward into the underdark( in a desperate hope to find a way to the surface). Snags returned to tell the party that a group of troglodytes was nearby, having been alerted by the huge ruckus of the mudslide and later battle with the Behir. The group decided that down was the only way. After another rough climb the group found itself in a large cavern, covered in large mossy boulders and buzzing with insect life( of a weird translucent kind). At the edge of the cavern a bold troglodyte warrior challenged the groups presence, to be quickly mollified by Argen’s presentation of the head of Baghilar! Kor began to negotiate a deal with the bold troglodyte, offering mithril and the looted Axe of primitive( but magical make), in exchange for his services as a guide. As the native was about accept, the party was ambushed by a moss covered umber hulk, hidden among the cavern boulders. The beast smashed into the group with claw and great mandibles, wounding Jacs but not terribly. With its buzzing ability in effect, Varis and Vindaal were taken out of the fight by way of confusion. Unfazed, Kor was quick on the draw, blasting the beast with a full charge from his wand of magic missiles. Moving quick as well, Jacs slid his rapier deep into the side of the chitin-like armor of the monster. In a fury, Argen struck three powerful blows felling the beast as it tried to outmaneuver its prey. The troglodyte was impressed enough to stay and talk, sensing great profit in siding with a group that could fell such a predator! The session ended with Kor & co. taking a rest to negotiate with the troglodyte, soon finding out from their newly hired guide( named Slithorix), that it was at least a three day trek north and west to find an exit from the realm of the underdark; a trek that was sure to be fraught with danger!


Dave, here is the list of scrolls that Jacs looted from the vault:
Spell scrolls:
Leomund’s tiny hut
unseen servant x2
tenser’s floating disk
arcane lock
magic mouth
enlarge/ reduce

maps: 2 of sword coast region, one of the crags region, one detailing the coast off of Luskan/ Waterdeep detailing an underground lair( 9th eye of Laguritz!).

game session log: Mudslide!!

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