Lords of Chance:D&D 5th( Sword Coast)

Game session log: unfinished underdark

The game session was cancelled this week for multitudinous reasons; to give some of you yer D&D fix I’m posting my intro. we’ll play in a few weeks.Underdark.JPG
Intro: our story finds the party of adventurers trapped deep in the bowels of Toril. The Underdark is home to many beautiful wonders, yet few surface beings ever get the chance to see them…much less leave with their lives! Hampered by the heat and humidity of the cavernous realm, the party has struggled for two days to keep up with their troglodyte guide, Slithorix. A seemingly endless series of caverns and passages lead north and west towards a promised exit. The climbing and crawling has taken its toll on the group, bringing them close to exhaustion on several occasions( Kor combats this with an occasional song or quip, to the dismay of their guide who seems frequently irritated at the lack of stealth). Argen’s armor and swords scraping stone, Jacs habit of humming bawdy rhymes, Vindaal and Varis with frequent exclamations when a new fungi or flowering plant is seen for the first time…the group just can’t help being loud: they are alien to this silent domain.
The first days travel went fairly well, if not painfully slow. A stalking displacer beast thought easier prey could be found and fled the surprised group as they struggled to descend a slippery drop. A huge forest of fungus was crossed. An underground river waded. Fortunately for the group, they had a good amount of bacon to add to the trogoldytes foraging of fungi and roots, and hasn’t suffered much for a lack of food or water. While resting for the night, Vindaal spotted a group of scavenging, worm-like gricks sneaking up towards the sleeping group, his flaring, scorching spell sent them running!
On the second day in the Underdark, the group had to ascend a huge cavern split by a raging waterfall. Not wanting to repeat the cistern falling fiasco, the group took its time with Jacs in the lead, using rope, pitons and raw nerve to secure ropes to mist wet stone. After crossing the obstacle the group took a needed rest to eat a fine meal of roast cave toads shot by Varis and spiced with Kor’s magic. Slithorix liked the meal but became worried; stating he was hearing odd noises (sounds that even the ears of an assassin couldn’t detect). With a watchful eye the group resumed its trek until an hour later when the noises could be heard by all. A tapping and scraping sound getting closer, the trog not sure what beasts were stalking the group but considering the reputation of the Underdark, you don’t expect it to be good!
Moving into a wide cavern dominated by a gaping maw of a pit (clearly leading to some darker, more sinister, depths), you have but a few rounds to catch your breath. Kor knows that whatever is coming moves faster, and fighting tired is foolish; a stand needs to be made here and now before the group is to fatigued to fight. Argen is itching for bloodshed as well, his temper fueled by the heat and frustration of crawling around like a toad. The cavern has two northern exits and the southern entrance the group came from. The sounds coming from that direction are steadily getting louder. The caverns ground is covered in spongy moss, not the best footing for a fight. Rats, bats, and a few stirges scatter as you find defensible positions.

  • roll a con save vrs exhaustion; each character has one round of action before a roll for initiative! the chase has ended!



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