Lords of Chance:D&D 5th( Sword Coast)

Campaign update

Summer of Flames

after the fiery battle to save a besieged town of Triboar, Kor and co. find themselves recovering at the Greedy Green Inn. The priestess Adara saw to the terrible wounds Jacs suffered while fighting the foolkiller. Kor healed quickly as well. Varis has kept busy helping the Triboar militia track down stray kobold raiders in the surrounding farmlands. Argen has spent the downtime honing his smithing skills with local craftsmen, and fighting a few tavern brawls to maintain his brotherhood of the thorns status.While healing, Jacs has developed good contacts with the regional theives guild, and has some secretive side work coming up. Kor has been gathering information on these dragon cultists and stayed in place to help Arthindol secure the region, planning a trip back to the Kryptgarden to destroy the drag√≥n mage’s hideout. The orcish muscle the group gained has been staying close to the inn, training with Argen sometimes, preparing to prove his worth in the upcoming quest for revenge. The summer in the sword coast is heating up.



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